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25 June 2017 @ 23:01
Rules and Membership Requests  
Hello fellow Arashi fan.

Not a member of the ao_no_michi community yet?

Why not?
(We've only been closed for years...)
Anyway. here's how:

Take a quick look look at out rules:

* DO NOT POST our files to multimedia streaming sites.
* DO NOT SELL or make money off our files.
* DO NOT REPOST links anywhere outside the community.
* DO NOT REUPLOAD our files to other sites.
* DO NOT REENCODE our files to other formats.
* YOU MAY provide MIRRORS if you PM us the link and the url of the original post. You may also post them in the comments of the orginal entry, but if you don't let us know, we can't add them to the post.
* YOU MAY provide MQ files of our releases if there is none available. Again, the links MUST remain within the community, and please let us know so we can update the entries.
* Not really a rule, but COMMENTS would be really nice.

* About retranslation to other languages:
No, sorry. The original translators of these releases are no longer available to ask their permission.

Got all that?

Sign in with a livejournal account (no twitter, facebook, google+ etc). Then click join, and wait to be added.

*Important note: ao_no_michi is NOT an active subbing group at present, and while that might change in the future, we will not be releasing any new subs at this time.<---How cool is it that I get to edit this bit for now? YAY! thanks to the hard work and generosity of our members, ANM is active again (albeit quietly)
My name is Siha, just call me Sai.eun4486 on 26th June 2017 21:43 (UTC)

Thank you for reopen the membership..promise to follow the rules that have been stated.. Yoroshiku.

pimmas2417pimmas2417 on 27th June 2017 15:45 (UTC)
Thank you so much I would like to join your community
I promise that I will follow the rule
(no subject) - x_yo0shii on 6th January 2018 12:21 (UTC) (Expand)
mae74: pic#126418480mae74 on 26th June 2017 22:13 (UTC)
Hi I'm Maesy from Australia! Thank you so much for opening your community again. I promise to follow all of your rules. Thank you for considering my application 😊
Windy Way's Journalwindyway94 on 26th June 2017 22:50 (UTC)

Thank you for reopening the comm and membership *cry in happiness*. I promise to follow your rules :D

ia_air: pic#127516540ia_air on 26th June 2017 23:51 (UTC)
I'm Ia.. I would like to join.. I promise to follow the rules..
Thank you :)
Send-chan: pic#126405068ayma53n on 26th June 2017 23:56 (UTC)
Thank you for reopening the membership.
I'm sendy, i've read all of your rules and understand them all. Hope i can join your comm^^
Kemala: pic#127046885kemala_octi on 27th June 2017 00:24 (UTC)
Hi! my name Kemala, thank you for reopening the membership. lookibg forward to joining in this community. of course I will be abide to all the rules.

thank you^^
lapetit_choulapetit_chou on 27th June 2017 00:53 (UTC)
Uwaaaaa!!! You are open for membership again! Yay!

I've done my waiting! 12 years of it!!! (insert Sirius Black here) *kidding*

Hello! I am Jenny and I would like to be a member of this community. I started out late in the fandom (2014, already at their 15th anniversary) so I kinda missed a lot of the good old stuff and all. Hahahaha!
I promise to follow the community rules and to comment as much as I can.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~
amnos98amnos98 on 27th June 2017 07:10 (UTC)
Hi, I'm Sofia Thank you for opening the membership. I promise to follow all the rules and not to disobey them.Please accept me in the community :). Thank you
Jujujtaytt on 27th June 2017 00:54 (UTC)

Juju from US here. I promise to abide the rules. Thanks for opening up the comm.

ziraaria: pic#126176122ziraaria on 27th June 2017 00:59 (UTC)
Thank you for reopening the membership, i've always wanted to join this community ever since I entered the fandom last year TwT

I promise to abide all the rules stated ^^

Thank you in advance <3
roo_kieroo_kie on 27th June 2017 02:22 (UTC)
I'm so happy you opened the membership again.
I promise to abide all the rules you set up.
please accept me as you comm member
Joanna D.: arashipknumba1 on 27th June 2017 02:59 (UTC)
I'm glad to see an old arashi comm back in action! I promise to follow all of your rules. :)
ezmeerawr: pic#126254992ezmiera on 27th June 2017 03:05 (UTC)
Thank you so much for re-opening this community 😙
I promise that I will abide by all the rules stated in this group and will not ever break them

Hope to hear more from you soon~~
Sinnyshimering2 on 27th June 2017 03:14 (UTC)
Thank you so much for re-opening membership! I'm Sinny from Australia and I've read and promise to follow all the rules of this community! Hope I can join your community please.

amai_chan34: pic#115815083amai_chan34 on 27th June 2017 03:21 (UTC)
Hi! I'm Fanny from Mexico, thank you for reopening the community!!! I promise to follow the rules.
mu_nessmu_ness on 27th June 2017 03:45 (UTC)
Oh I'm so excited you are reopening the community! Thank you for doing so! :D And i look forward to joining.