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Rules and Membership

Hello fellow Arashi fan.

Not a member of the ao_no_michi community yet?

Why not?
(We've only been closed for years...)
Anyway. here's how:

Take a quick look look at out rules:

* DO NOT POST our files to multimedia streaming sites.
* DO NOT SELL or make money off our files.
* DO NOT REPOST links anywhere outside the community.
* DO NOT REUPLOAD our files to other sites.
* DO NOT REENCODE our files to other formats.
* YOU MAY provide MIRRORS if you PM us the link and the url of the original post. You may also post them in the comments of the orginal entry, but if you don't let us know, we can't add them to the post.
* YOU MAY provide MQ files of our releases if there is none available. Again, the links MUST remain within the community, and please let us know so we can update the entries.
* DO NOT mention LiveJournal and Ao no Michi on official Arashi/JE channels and social media. DO NOT link back to us on official channels/social media either.
* Not really a rule, but COMMENTS would be really nice.

* About re-translation to other languages:
No, sorry. The original translators of the past releases are no longer available to ask their permission.

Got all that?

Sign in with a livejournal account (no twitter, facebook, google+ etc). Then click join, and wait to be added.

*Important note: ao_no_michi is NOT an active subbing group at present, and while that might change in the future, we will not be releasing any new subs at this time.<---How cool is it that I get to edit this bit for now? YAY! thanks to the hard work and generosity of our members, ANM is active again (albeit quietly)
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