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25 June 2017 @ 22:25
Open for your viewing pleasure  
Ao no Michi is opening it’s doors again!

Membership is moderated, but you only need to click to join.

To access our previous releases more easily, there is a helpful list here: ANM Completed Project List
Old entries have been updated with new links where we could. (A massive thanks to Juu for giving me the ability to do so!) Although some files are still missing.

We also have a current back-up of this community hosted at DW, in order to help protect our work here, but subtitle indexes lead to the entries here on LJ.

New members!

Hello, and welcome to the ANM community. This comm began in the summer of 2009 as a place to house subbed Arashi videos mostly created by Juu (harunomasu) as the community grew, so did the team, and their ability to release work. By the time Ao no Michi closed its membership, its many teams had completed over 200 projects!

Due to inactivity, and the loss of Megaupload as a file host, many files were lost, but with the help of fans, we have been able to recover a great deal of the missing content.

At present (JUNE 2017) all the entries have at least 1 working link unless otherwise stated (and we are still hopeful that those might be recovered.)

If you would like to help with the effort to keep this comm alive, please feel free to reupload and create mirrors of our files, provided they remain within the community.

Old members!

Please consider going through previous releases and seeing whether you are able to contribute to the re-upload of lost files and the mirroring of others. Some of these links are 8 years old, and could expire at any moment

There is a very helpful post HERE which links to each release in order, so you can check that against the contents of your hard-drives.

We also have a current list of dead links, for which we are still looking for some kind soul to re-upload.

The Arashi Project

A community started to help recover lost files with the permission of their original creators, arashiproject has been a boon to fans new and old alike. It has an exhaustive array of subbed Arashi content that can no longer be found anywhere else. It also has a list of dead links that is constantly under revision. Membership is moderated, but requests are answered promptly, much like here.

Most of what has been accomplished here at ao-no-michi has been with the help of winkychan (and thanks to her predecessor hanazawahyuuga) over a arashiproject.

Current active mods: aonomichimod, kazukazu89, amh1988, sushi4ever, winkychan,
// lost on the web.winkychan on 26th June 2017 16:16 (UTC)
*throws confettis*
irene_purinirene_purin on 26th June 2017 16:44 (UTC)
Yay yay!!! Thank you for everyone's hardwork!
mah_lenneth: arashimah_lenneth on 26th June 2017 19:53 (UTC)
Yaaay!! :D
helene_sanhelene_san on 26th June 2017 20:10 (UTC)
Great news! And thanks to everyone for your hard work :D
ヒ-バhibara95 on 27th June 2017 07:35 (UTC)

Thank you for your hard work !!!!

gheyl_04gheyl_04 on 27th June 2017 13:04 (UTC)
Thank you for accepting me!!! I promise not to break all the rules of thhis community!
satoko_921satoko_921 on 27th June 2017 13:35 (UTC)
Yay! Thank you for all your hard work..
pcneo on 27th June 2017 15:00 (UTC)
request to join community... :)

I'm a fan of Arashi since 2013. My ichiban is Nino. Hope to see more of their earlier works.

thank you,
Junfangirlsade06 on 30th June 2017 15:47 (UTC)
Hi Please let me join as a member. I promise not to sell, re-post, re-upload, stream or in anyway use the subbed videos except for my own enjoyment. Thank you.
Also conratulations on managing to reopen this site...all your efforts makes old Arashi accessible even to new fans like me. So thank you so much.
mii_diamii_dia on 5th July 2017 18:01 (UTC)
Hiyaaayy!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everyone' help and efforts :):):)
oh but for you there is one girlkotomichi on 7th July 2017 01:51 (UTC)
yay! welcome back :D
roma_rad on 18th July 2017 01:09 (UTC)
Can I join ?
awesome_laughawesome_laugh on 2nd August 2017 19:27 (UTC)
that's great news! Hope we can recover all the missing links really soon ^^
thanks for ur hard work too <3

いただき_松~ピン!: pic#127651136ssunshinexo on 16th February 2018 12:52 (UTC)
Thank you for approving me! :)
~self proclaimed jun!junkie.: sparkly fivekitsie_chan on 21st June 2018 03:49 (UTC)
OMG I am SO HAPPY on your revival! I've lost touch with the fandom and when I came back I was so sad to see most of the subbing comms I've been in was gone or disbanded. T_T I lost all my sources to subbed happiness of our rainbow boys so thank you so much for deciding to return!

Will go dig through my old videos to see if there is anything I can help in reuploading! :D
heatherquercusheatherquercus on 7th October 2018 12:39 (UTC)
Thanks for the hardworks every one!!!
frankcwfrankcw on 22nd December 2018 20:12 (UTC)
Hi, just wanted to say that I've been bingeing hardcore on you guys' works lately. Thanks for all the effort you've all put in!
tabbytabithatabbytabitha on 30th January 2019 17:01 (UTC)
Thanks for letting me in! And thank you for the hard work so far too.
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
Dhruv Kumardhruvkumar95011 on 3rd February 2019 17:44 (UTC)
Thank You so much to allow me to be a part of The Amazing group!

Edited at 2019-02-03 17:45 (UTC)
Zoenyomizoe on 6th July 2019 06:16 (UTC)
thank you
hi, i'm Zoe.

thank you for accepting me join this community, and thank you for your good deeds and hardwork for this fandom. simply put, you guys are amazing!