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17 June 2017 @ 21:39
What a day for a revival!  
....Well, only kind of. harunomasu has kindly given me control of the community here at Ao-no-Michi, and it is my intention to clean up the place a bit.

I have been out of fandom and LJ for quite some time, so please be patient with me while I get used to everything again. winkychan from over at arashiproject has, and will continue to be, a massive to help, having done a great deal of the work of compling a list of ANM subs with fresh links, which I will be working from to get this place working again.

Please note, however, that I am NOT a subber. ANM, as it is now, will not be creating new subs, but will be working to fix broken links and finding lost files, so the hard work of those who created them for this community in the past can be preserved and enjoyed all over again. Membership shall be moderated, as before, although I will probably make a new membership post shortly. In the meantime, if any current members are willing and able to help with this effort, please let me know!
isabeljstwnts2posts on 17th June 2017 21:52 (UTC)
wow... it's been years.
i am just here, if you guys need any help.
heysayheyheyheysayheyhey on 17th June 2017 22:20 (UTC)
omg welcome back everyone, i can help with anything if you guys need too, but im not a subber so i wont be able to help with that xD
ニノ嵐!nino17_basya on 17th June 2017 23:30 (UTC)

aw i am so glad to hear that!

-=angel=-khaleesiangel on 18th June 2017 00:01 (UTC)
hi guys.. will you be opening the community to new members again? thanks :-)
amh1988amh1988 on 18th June 2017 00:36 (UTC)
Yes we will be. I can't give it a date yet, but we will start accepting members in the near future
-=angel=-khaleesiangel on 18th June 2017 13:49 (UTC)
Thanks a lot ur response :-*
Adette: Arashimelodyofmysoul on 18th June 2017 00:22 (UTC)
Hi! I can help with reuploading old eps of VSA and Himitsu no Arashi-chan. :) I also have some other programs so feel free to tap me for upload needs as long as I have it in my files.
Ceathair: arashiceathair on 18th June 2017 01:22 (UTC)
If I can help...
Let me know what you need. I can go through my old files to see what I can re-upload.
shokim: mr perfect answershokim on 18th June 2017 03:03 (UTC)
Welcome back and Happy Revival! Back in time for Nino month fufufu~
michelleosusmichelleosus on 18th June 2017 04:32 (UTC)
so grateful
What an amazing celebration of Nino's birthday! Thank-you so much amh1988 and winkychan for all you are doing to enable new fans to enjoy the back catalogue of Arashi wonder. I look forward to becoming a member of Ao no Michi and will keep an eye out for membership posts. Thank you to harunomasu also for all your hard work and passing the baton.
Mei-chan: Arashidarlium_05 on 18th June 2017 06:27 (UTC)
Happy that you are back ^_^. Can't wait to join on this ao_no_michi community ^_^
raeelani: pic#120559344raeelani on 18th June 2017 08:32 (UTC)

I will see what i can do to help. I can try searching through old files for you! ❤️

Yukihanajp on 18th June 2017 08:55 (UTC)
Hiii! So happy to hear this 💕 hopefully all the subbed vids could be revived. AnM means a lot to me as it has been the first subbing group i was a part of and where i made wonderful friends. If you also need a hand in anything at all, i would be glad to help as much as possible. ^^
Jadeyjade_lil on 18th June 2017 11:35 (UTC)
thank you so much, love <3
orsa2012orsa2012 on 18th June 2017 14:20 (UTC)
Good news.. welcome back..
Hikariihikabunny on 22nd June 2017 22:33 (UTC)
Hello! I would like to join the community but there's closed membership right now. I don't know the history of this community, but I see I am fortunate enough to see there's a revival right when I would like to join.

Please let me know when membership will open. Welcome back and I hope the activity and energy of everyone aids with the revival!
amh1988amh1988 on 22nd June 2017 23:50 (UTC)
We are nearly done with the revamp, and will be opening shortly. In the meantime, if you click to 'watch' this community, I'll make a public post when we re-open, and it will appear in your friends feed.
anjopinanjopin on 27th June 2017 02:04 (UTC)
I'm so happy for this revival ^.^
lapupulapupu on 30th June 2017 12:58 (UTC)
Okaeri nasai! ^_^
plushiiesplushiies on 19th July 2017 17:45 (UTC)
Welcome back !!
Thank you for coming back, I'm so glad to hear that ! If you need some help, don't hesitate to help me, I'll be very happy to help you ! :) xx
yuuika90yuuika90 on 29th November 2017 01:55 (UTC)
Thanks for the hard worked. I'm glad that this community still active ^^. Looking forward for new post.