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21 September 2014 @ 22:34
Anyone still remember me?

This community has been 'dead' for quite long already after I decided to remove myself from the team because I've changed fandoms. But this community has always been my baby and seeing it so quiet after I grew it up for 4 years, I've decided that I'll take charge again. Though this time I won't be subbing Arashi's shows, because I've quit the fandom several years ago. I'm thinking of re-activing the community again by subbing Kanjani8 shows, in which I'll need someone to help me change the layout, timing the subs, encoding it, and also editing my work. If it's okay with the members of this community, then I'll proceed with it as soon as I can.

I'll also open the community for public on October, because I felt bad when I read messages from new members who wanted to join but can't. By making it public, I hope that everyone can have access to the files they needed immediately, and that those who have the files can help re-uploading it.

Though this is still an on-going project in my mind, I hope everyone can support me and help me build this community from zero again.

Best Regards,

marisa_qrimarisa_qri on 21st September 2014 15:49 (UTC)
nice to have you back^^
and, do you mind if i ask you why you quit arashi fandom? just my own curiosity...

by the way i will continue to support you...ao no michi's one of my fav community..i got a lot of arashi shows from here..

thanks a lot..and, welcome back!!
simopimosimopimo on 21st September 2014 16:17 (UTC)
Welcome back. I know you wrote you're a Kanjani fan now and not an an Arashi fan anymore, but there are lots of dead links of your old works for your old fandomm, so I was wondering if, once in a while, you are planning to reupload something. Thank you.
(no subject) - harunomasu on 22nd September 2014 12:02 (UTC) (Expand)
cahbiebiecahbiebie on 21st September 2014 16:17 (UTC)
hi hizashiburi..
how are you?
of course i remember you..
because you're really helping me to know the meaning of the shows..
thank you so much for that..
still waiting for your new fandom..
gambatte ne :D
hedwig3hedwig3 on 21st September 2014 16:24 (UTC)
ao_no_michi helped me a lot to grow my love to Arashi.
I'm also a Kanjani8 fan and they have many funny shows and bonus vidoes for their DVDs, but they are using Kansai-ben which I don't understand (actually, I don't even understand Japanese, but after watching many subbed videos, I'm starting to be able to guess the meaning of some sentences)

Can't wait for your releases....
simplyshiny514: yattanagasesimplyshiny514 on 21st September 2014 16:36 (UTC)
I would love that! There aren't enough active Kanjani subbers out there! thanks!
fasha_chanfasha_chan on 21st September 2014 16:53 (UTC)
I've always been relying on this community for Arashi subbed shows ever since I joined this. Even though, you would no longer subbed Arashi's related show, i would love it if you could subbed Kanjani's show from now on because it's very hard to find subbed version of most of their appearance, be it drama, tv shows or anything like it! So I would welcome this news with great joy! I am fan of both Arashi and Kanjani, getting to enjoy anything related to them would be great.

Thanks for all your effort in the past and I'm looking forward for your future releases. Good luck ya!
orsa2012orsa2012 on 21st September 2014 17:02 (UTC)
Hi! I joined this comm when it was unactive.. so Hajimashite..

It's too bad you left the fandom.. but i hope you'll reupload the dead links when you get the time.. onegaishimasu!!!

And although i'm not a fan of Kanjani.. but i love their interaction with Arashi.. and watched Ryo in alot of dramas.. also some of the other members' dramas..

So it's up to you.. gambare!!
harunomasuharunomasu on 22nd September 2014 12:04 (UTC)
I've deleted all my Arashi files and thrown/gave away all my remaining dvds so I couldn't help with re-uploading. If you know someone who has the files feel free to ask them to re-upload it for you
MaShojuchi_kazunashi on 21st September 2014 18:28 (UTC)
I have my memories from this community since I joined it on 2010 because I'm an Arashi fan. And because I'm an Arashi fan, can I at least ask for their files to stay as they are? I'm taking this community as a reference to download their files. And whoever can re-upload the dead links, I'll appreciate it.
harunomasuharunomasu on 22nd September 2014 00:19 (UTC)
I will leave all the post just like the original but too bad I can't help with re-uploading dead links. I've long deleted or thrown away all my Arashi related files, so if you need the old files you'll have to ask for it from someone else
serina83serina83 on 21st September 2014 18:30 (UTC)
Thank you~~ Hopefully can join this community~~
frrstefrrste on 21st September 2014 18:42 (UTC)
Welcome back ^^
Bekissubekissu on 21st September 2014 18:46 (UTC)
Welcome back!
It's great that the community can be alive again!!
I know you say Kanjani8 but I was wondering if you can sub Sexy Zone Channel show...
that program is really funny...
But anyways welcome back!
harunomasuharunomasu on 22nd September 2014 00:18 (UTC)
Re: Hi!
I'm sorry, I'm only interested in Kanjani8 for now
EmmaJaynesocksys_j_world on 21st September 2014 20:20 (UTC)
So happy you're back, I love your subs :D And happy you're subbing Kanjani too, there aren't enough subbers out there doing Kanjani :) I'm the mod for double_parkas, but if you ever need anyone to join in and help with timing, encoding, editing etc. (but not translating because I have trouble with Kansai ben lol) just let me know and I would love to work with you.
Thanks for all your hard work and look forward to seeing your releases in the future!
harunomasuharunomasu on 22nd September 2014 00:17 (UTC)
It would be awesome if you can help me with editing and such. I need it the most right now.
(no subject) - socksys_j_world on 22nd September 2014 04:29 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 22nd September 2014 12:05 (UTC) (Expand)
atanahatanah on 21st September 2014 21:54 (UTC)
Hi!!! Welcome back! It´s great that you are thinkig of doing subbing again, but it's sad that you are not Arashi's fan anymore :( , thanks to you I enjoyed many of their shows. I'm not a Kanjani8 but the shows when they interact with Arashi are really great, I hope that sometime you can reupload some old links of your Arashi's shows, My old PC's is dead and of course I lost all those videos. Good luck!!!
lovinglife12lovinglife12 on 21st September 2014 22:30 (UTC)
Amazing i love Kanjani8 and there are hardly any subbers out there :) I have never done any subbing work (timing, editing or encoding) but i am willing to try and learn if you need any help
melococ0melococ0 on 22nd September 2014 01:20 (UTC)
You can count on me! :D
harunomasuharunomasu on 22nd September 2014 12:06 (UTC)
Could you help with editing? Or maybe timing? Because I'm in dire need of that two for the moment
(no subject) - melococ0 on 24th September 2014 22:48 (UTC) (Expand)
fangirlism_erafangirlism_era on 22nd September 2014 04:11 (UTC)
Welcome back! I'm really thankful for you and your community because you helped me in getting to know Arashi better. ♥ I'm also a fan of Kanjani8 so I will be looking forward to future releases. :D