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01 February 2012 @ 20:08
#197 - Lucky 7 episode 2  
Finally, it's done! I have to say sorry to Shii, the translator of this project, because of my lateness in timing I make all the process get delayed. I will try to do my parts better next time T.T

Anyway, it's time for another release! This time we bring you the second episode of Lucky 7, in which our detectives got to work in a lab and wearing white coat and also the sight of Shuntaro got a little bit excited after Nitta mention "treasure". Want to know what happen in the drama? Go and download the drama to find the answer! :D

Remember that from now on ANM will put the files inside a rar. Join the rar using hjsplit. And the password provided here is the password for the rar files. If you have any problems with downloading the file or how to unrar the file, please contact misaki82 for further information.

[Drama] Lucky 7
Episode 2

The lovely couple of Lucky Detective Agency!

Brought to you by ANM team
Please respect us by keeping the files to yourself

Translator: Shii
Editor: Andie
Timer: harunomasu
Typesetter: harunomasu
Encoder: nana
RAW: D-addicts

HD version
IFILE: FULL FILE (password: d0gwAlk)
MF: 001 | 002 (password: d0gwAlk)

MQ version
IFILE: FULL FILE (password: l3gsrUn
MF: FULL FILE (password: l3gsrUn)

New Links for this release here:
MEGA (keys:ks0IVee53vCShniS4R8p6Y3vdnRWQtOq9eNZoto6o0E) byleiva21

ENJOY the show and remember to always protect your subbers :)
neenashareefaneenashareefa on 1st February 2012 13:09 (UTC)
Yes...FLY <3
neenashareefaneenashareefa on 1st February 2012 13:10 (UTC)
Thank you ANM team...

(I'm fast, nee, Juu-chan?) (^_-)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 1st February 2012 13:11 (UTC) (Expand)
selene686selene686 on 1st February 2012 13:11 (UTC)
Thank you!
ocha_sukiocha_suki on 1st February 2012 13:12 (UTC)
thank you <33
misu_245misu_245 on 1st February 2012 13:14 (UTC)
Thank you! :D
sorasky_moonreza_danish on 1st February 2012 13:15 (UTC)
Thank you so much :)
toneecheetoneechee on 1st February 2012 13:16 (UTC)
wow, I didn't know you subbed Lucky 7...I guess I have to look for space for Matsujun in my HDD

thanks for sharing!
harunomasuharunomasu on 1st February 2012 13:25 (UTC)
We do~ :D Because Jun-kun is just too shiny for us not to do something for him. Plus, Lucky 7 is amazing *___*
Malkavycassandre1 on 1st February 2012 13:19 (UTC)
thank you!!
usagi2107usagi2107 on 1st February 2012 13:19 (UTC)
Thank you very much for sharing! ^_^
hitsuzenkazehitsuzenkaze on 1st February 2012 13:23 (UTC)
I'm very impressed with the 1st epi. I think I will b enjoying the 2nd epi too. Thanks for subbing!
harunomasuharunomasu on 1st February 2012 13:24 (UTC)
Second episode is indeed amazing! And the third episode will make your heart clench with sadness :D
ishararyuuishararyuu on 1st February 2012 13:28 (UTC)
thank you! <3
caramelo5caramelo5 on 1st February 2012 13:30 (UTC)
thanks, it´s the first drama of Jun that im really enjoyng, the trama is good and all actors and actresses are really amazing
nezzeh_clairnezzeh_clair on 1st February 2012 13:36 (UTC)
thank you :)
showjuro: armsshowjuro on 1st February 2012 13:54 (UTC)
Grabbed it XDD

Thank you once again for doing this so fast!!
xyabuxxyabux on 1st February 2012 14:07 (UTC)
thank you~ !! ^---^ I really never liked.. Jun doramas.. but I have to say.. this is really good *-*
harunomasuharunomasu on 1st February 2012 14:39 (UTC)
Definitely! Lucky 7 is the best drama of the season (I've watched other dramas only to drop it after the first 5 mins). I hope the show can stay awesome until the end :D
(no subject) - xyabux on 1st February 2012 18:04 (UTC) (Expand)
Yanskiipooyanskiipoo on 1st February 2012 14:11 (UTC)
URGH SO AWESOME. Thank you! :D