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20 January 2012 @ 09:06
Megaupload issues, what to do?  

By now, I'm sure that we're all aware that MU is being shut down by the US government (which is suck, but we can do nothing about it). The problem now is the RAW files that we usually use from LOD are almost all in Megaupload, so we might not be able to sub anything for the moment except for those that have MF links in the post. So please please please pretty please, if you have the files that you download from LOD that was only uploaded to MU (which means old vsa episodes), even the MQ one, please tell me and I'll contact LOD mods whether they want their files to be re-uploaded to other sharing sites or not.

And about ANM itself, we still have MF links so it's not like we have to be forced to shut down for the moment, but there's always a chance that MF will have the same fate as MU in the future. It might not be serious by now, but this is something that we need to think over. 

So here, I want to ask for opinion from ALL OF YOU, what to do about this. Should we upload files to a direct download site like what go_nin did before? But there's also a chance of the site going down if people share the links outside the comm like what had happened to go_nin. Or should we stick to MF only? But to those people whose life depended on MU, everything will be hard (for me too, damn US government!) if they have to download from MF all the time.

Please give me suggestion of what to do and let's talk and think about this together so that we can have a solution that is good for everyone. 

To encoders of ANM, please stop uploading to MU. There's no need to upload there anymore.
dubujashdubujash on 20th January 2012 02:11 (UTC)
this is really a big issue. i don't know what exactly happened to go_nin but mediafire will be the best for now. there's also a rumor going on on tumblr that megaupload has a new constructed site. it's not official, but it said it's: megavideo.bz is what it said.. we know nothing for sure, but right now there's nothing we can do about it.
Cerra: 嵐 - cerraazizi on 20th January 2012 02:14 (UTC)
The "new" website turns out to be fake, according to this article: http://firstsearchblue.com/megaupload-down-fbi/
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Gaaaab, Gab Gab!: future dean fuckerynamichan on 20th January 2012 02:14 (UTC)
I'm basically shaking my head and damning my government for this ridiculousness. We can still use MF, sendspace, rapidshare, and so on, but there's a chance they're cracking down on all of these sites, not just MU. Honestly, I don't know about my country anymore, so I think we should try to cool it for a moment, and see what happens next. I know that they are already tracking IP addresses on DDL sites and torrents, so we should be a little more careful with what we do.
harunomasuharunomasu on 20th January 2012 13:16 (UTC)
The problem is, not all people can use sendspace or rapidshare T.T For now we can only stick with MF and prays that the government won't touch MF also.
Andreakoichiko on 20th January 2012 02:15 (UTC)
Hey :D

Thank you for updating us.
In my opinion, I think it's better to stick to mediafire for now, at least for the next few days until we know how this MU-stuff will be handled.
I heard they are already setting up another side, so I think you should just hold out for a while and wait.
No matter what though, I'll support you.
It's really really late here already, but tomorrow I'll go on a spree and try to find everything I can find that I downloaded from DOL (which might not be anything, i don't really remember).

Night :D
newbiethnewbieth on 20th January 2012 02:15 (UTC)
This is a very sad news. I have a lifetime account with MU and now ... sigh. In my oppinion, we should always have 2 types of links (like MU and MF before) to have a backup if one of them is taken down. I would suggest fileserve as an alternative for MU because fileserve allows big files (up to 2G) so staffs do not need to split the file and is easier for member to download.

About raw files, I don't know Japanese so I don't actually keep any of them. Sorry cannot help but I hope other members do have them.
Taisisterjune on 20th January 2012 02:20 (UTC)
I would not recommend mediafire personally cause you have to split the files repeatedly, and files go down alot quicker on MF. That said using mediafire isnt a bad idea if you plan to back up files to other freeservers. examples of decent freeservers would be fileserve, filesonic, multiupload, wupload, 4shared, etc. this is a tough time for all of us. and we shouldnt despair, because MU might not lose this suit. and It looks like SOPA will be struck down next week. so lets just keep hoping and keep making our voices heard to the government.
Kat: Arashikat_desu on 20th January 2012 02:25 (UTC)
Thanks for the update~ *A*
I use MU for all my downloads so this is a huge blow for me.
Arisaarisa_draconis on 20th January 2012 02:31 (UTC)
Juu, don't decide anything first. MU might be coming back by the look of it. It seems that MU have a new website, however being that it's just newly made, it was crashed and was giving everyone the error page. However, whether it is true or not we won't know until I start using it.

On the contrary, do NOT use direct download links as, ONE. they cost HEAPS of money and we just don't have the money to afford it.
TWO. Anyone can give it out easily.

My last idea is to find other sharing sites such as Rapidshare or whatever, I, myself have Fileserve account so if it comes to that we can use and start uploading there.

PS: Juu, I actually download TS files from JPS when it comes to HNA, VSA and AnShi (AnShi is rarely updated now though) so IF it comes to raw files, I have HQ and I can always encode them. On the other hand there is also ANJ, do not forget that comm.
harunomasuharunomasu on 20th January 2012 02:40 (UTC)
That's why I'm still unsure about direct download links.

Rapidshare don't really works with me or even fileserve account but let's see what will happen. For now, let's just use MF and see what the future behold for us.

There's ANJ, I know, but their files are mp4 so it's hard for encoding (since you have to change it back to avi, virtualdub don't really recognize mp4 files) but I'll talk with nana and dianne (since corrine is in hiatus) and talk about what we should do. And we've the custom to sub files from LOD and I really want to stick with that but let's see to it again.

Thanks for the offer ari-chan. I'll ask for your help if I couldn't find the files I need :)
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familytablesfamilytables on 20th January 2012 02:34 (UTC)
Well I just woke up to lovely shock....well not really. This crap has been going on a year, but no one really took notice until now. I recall sitting there watching CSPAN and they listed off every knowen uploading/file shear sites, MU,MF,SS,4S, and torrents. So in my eyes the best thing that can happen is for all sub groups, and fans to pull together and save all the files to their computers and EHDs, because this isn't going to stop.Even if all these bills don't pass. The crack down is not going to stop. The ones behind all this, have been spending most of their time attacking sports stream sites, but ate starting to movie on to MU and what not as that's where the trail leads.

Anyway in short everyone should just fouce on saving the files. We can build again later, once the crack down slows/deads. Oh and all my fellow voting american's I hope you take note of who you should be voting out this year.
Nan-chan: Arashi♥nansuki on 20th January 2012 04:25 (UTC)
Who am I suppose to be voting out? Although i decided not to vote, whenever the time may come. All these gov't folks are all full of themselves. It would be super cool if no one voted at all, not even the electoral college. But that might cause chaos. =/

Sorry, ramble over. =x
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jui Ensoicariza_ensoy on 20th January 2012 02:40 (UTC)
I think MF would be the best option but there are rumors that mf will be next X|. Is torrent an option too??.
I am really worried with the things happening X|..
at least US govt should have given an ample time for the MU users to back up and DL the files that are important X|
Best_in_Shobest_in_sho on 20th January 2012 02:43 (UTC)
I think it's probably best to slow things down while the whole SOPA/PIPA thing dies down and then start up again. I definately think that uploading to MF is what needs to happen, but also perhaps another alternate site? this whole thing is a mess. Ashamed to be American right now :(
doctoggydoctoggy on 20th January 2012 02:44 (UTC)
As I said before, I will do what I can to find raws, if you need them, just let me know what you need. I can find almost anything.
b00kw0rm79b00kw0rm79 on 20th January 2012 02:44 (UTC)
Thank you for the update. There's not much I can contribute to this issue. Aside from Mediafire and Megaupload I don't know of any other file sharing sites. It sounds like things may be rough for a while. Let us hope that they only mean to use MU as an example to all others.
showjuro: sexy stareshowjuro on 20th January 2012 02:51 (UTC)
I think we should stick to MF for now, but there's no guarantee that it will last long either. Regarding Ari's suggestion, finding another site to upload like fileserve or rapidshare may not be as easy because not everyone can dl at a reasonable speed from these websites.
Arisaarisa_draconis on 20th January 2012 03:00 (UTC)
It may not be as convenience as MF or MU however people only need time to be accustomed to using it anyway. RS and FS are less known compare to MF and MU so I think it's a saver option as of now.

However I'm thinking of torrenting might be a good idea, though not quite sure how much it's going to cost...
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saprintha10mizumi10 on 20th January 2012 02:55 (UTC)
i want to make it clear that sopa and pipa are two bills. they are not one, but two!

from what i read so far recently according to the news; sopa is being revised until february and pipa is being voted on next week. so please be aware of that.

as for this problem we have on our hands, just as Best_in_sho says, it's probably best to slow down for now. i'm sure everyoen will understand. i'm interested in what would happen after the voting is done.
katzsong: Nino sad facekatzsong on 20th January 2012 02:58 (UTC)
Well, like everyone has said, maybe it's a sign for us to slow down and lay low for awhile. MF is still the best choice. But having a back up in those direct download site maybe not bad, if you guys are able to do it.

*continue crying in the corner for the lost of MU*