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08 December 2011 @ 23:17
Let's Play A Game!  
Hey, everyone! *waves* It's been, what?, more than a year already since we last play a game here? *shaks head in embarassment*

Anyway, this year, to celebrate Aiba's Birthday, we have a game to be played! Yeay! What's the game? It's to make a story out of a picture. Last year, in Leader's Birthday, we play caption game. It's almost the same, but you have to make a story out of the pictures below:

My example:
Nino: (Gasp!) You two are going to get married, Jun-kun and Aiba-chan?
Sho: No way!
Jun: (blushes)
Aiba: (closes his eyes and stays silent)
Sho: He's corresponding with Matsujun through telepathy!
Ohno: ... seems like it's true that they're going to get married.

The story can be shorter or longer. The most amusing one will be the winner. And the winner of this game will get a very special prize from us, which is "To get a video that you want to watch to be subbed"! The video can be anything, Aiba related or not. Along with ANM team members name in the video, your name will also be credited as the winner of this game. Deadline is on December 23. The detail of the prize will be discussed later on after we found the winner.

Let's all play and write an amusing story for Aiba-chan's birthday! And everyone can participate, the more the merrier, right? :D
MaShojuchi_kazunashi on 8th December 2011 20:36 (UTC)
Nino: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: Because I have to!
Sho: No way that could be the reason!
Aiba closes his eyes.
Sho: He's corresponding with MatsuJun about the real reason.
Nino: Don't tell me that you both are really going to marry!
And Ohno is as usual, sleepy and in his own world.

Done! ^^
astra_54astra_54 on 8th December 2011 22:57 (UTC)
Nino: Then, why are you getting married in the end?
Jun: because I made Aiba-chan pregnant!!!
Sho: NO way!!
*Aiba-chan close his eyes (-____-")*
Sho: what happened? He's corresponding to you, MatsuJun?
Jun: *look at Aiba closely* Yabai~ he have his morning sickness... (O_O")
Ohno: .... do I need to call a doctor?...


sorry it's a mess~ xP
just woke up,found this, then made this LOL xD

and HAPPY Aiba's MONTH~ ♥
s3mp0i: stops3mp0i on 9th December 2011 00:13 (UTC)
Nino : then, why u able to get married in d end?
Jun & Aiba : *looking at each other*
Sho: No way! y did u guys staring at each other lovingly? kimochi warui..
Jun : ma..ma..there is some circumstance ne..we can't say it in d terebi ne..
Nino: Why is d chiba guy closing his eyes?!
Sho : ah! he's corresponding..
Jun : He must be remembering our 1st night together *blushing*
Ohno & nino : kuuuh! what a loving couple ne~
Nino : *staring at ohno* how about us then?
Ohno : ......

happy aiba month =)

aisyazurinaaisyazurina on 9th December 2011 02:59 (UTC)
nice... i like it...
(no subject) - s3mp0i on 9th December 2011 07:49 (UTC) (Expand)
aisyazurinaaisyazurina on 9th December 2011 02:58 (UTC)
Nino: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun & Aiba: Yes, we are.... (laugh)
Sho: Nani kore?... Masaka... both of you really going to marry?
Nino: Mita Mita Aiba-san.. He's corresponding now
Ohno: Omedetou gozaimasu.. wake up from sleep XDDD

this is cool game
doctoggydoctoggy on 9th December 2011 08:33 (UTC)
Nino: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: We have always been married, didnt you know that? There is no why about this.
Sho: No way!
Jun: (laugh and blush)
Aiba: (gives Sho the are you seriously that oblivious look before closing his eyes)
Sho: Hes communicating. IS he communicating with you, MatsuJun?
Ohno: Aiba-chan is channeling Jun-kun. They must be married.
jellybean6972: Junbajellybean6972 on 9th December 2011 14:20 (UTC)
Nino: Then why are you able to get married in the end?
Jun: Well, me and Aiba-kun went to Canada.
Sho: No way!
Audience: Eh~!
(Aiba's a little put off by the reactions and Jun laughs)
(Aiba closes his eyes)
Sho: Oh, Aiba-kun?
Aiba: ...
Sho: Ah, he's corresponding! He's corresponding with Jun!
(Everyone laughs)
hiroki95hiroki95 on 9th December 2011 17:12 (UTC)
do you know in which shiyagare episode that have rumors said that Nino have brain disease? i really interested to watch it..
lapupulapupu on 9th December 2011 18:21 (UTC)
Nino: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: Because I've forced him to do so. I don't want him to get married to Sho-kun instead. I am after all Sho-kun biggest fan.
Sho: No way~~~ you're still my fan?
Ohno: Is it true Aiba-chan?
*Aiba closes his eyes*
Nino: aa, he's corresponding. Demo, why don't J forced Sho-chan to marry J instead?
Aiba: I don't want Jun-kun to marry Sho-chan too, so.....we reach our conclusion to marry each other instead. lol.

Done. Cool game. My first time participating on such game. ^^ Happy Aiba-chan month too minna~ ^^
Ann-chan♥cleotine on 18th December 2011 17:33 (UTC)
This. Is. So. Fucking. Awesome.
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emee25emee25 on 10th December 2011 14:18 (UTC)
nino : u two are going married?!
jun : yes..so what?
sho : uso?! naze aiba-chan? why are u cheating on me? who do u love?me or jun?
aiba : (closes his eyes) mmm..it's hard to choose between u two..jun is the perfect man and u have the "perfect Body"
ohno : (wake up from his sleepiness)...nanja korya?

done..happy aiba's month (^^)
翔 + 智 = 山fau_zi on 10th December 2011 14:58 (UTC)
jun: sho-kun, will u marry me?
sho: it's depend on aiba-chan!!
others: ehhh??!! (nande...)
aiba: (sending msg to sho by telepathy)...say NO shochan!!!
ohchan: congrate u guys XDD
nino: hai hai...cutto!!enough with this skit..

-nino always safe the day-
toneecheetoneechee on 10th December 2011 16:52 (UTC)
Nino: (with the I know it smile, squirky smile) Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: (with the scary look, stares closely at nino) because Riida keeps on looking and thinking about me!
Sho: (disgustingly, and irritatingly looked at Ohno)No way!
Ohno: (in sleepy and stammering voice) But I have the obligation to look after you, guys, but I can't do it mentally.
Aiba: Let's see...(closes his eyes and stays silent)
Sho: He's corresponding, trying to look after Matsujun mentally!
Nino: (laughing out loud) You can do it, Aiba-chan!
Ohno: (making small sleepy smirk) stop it already!

I think, I sho-failed in this one! Happy Aiba-Month, and Merry Christmas!
Carmencarmenw84 on 10th December 2011 17:14 (UTC)
Sho: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: We weren't! We just spread that rumor.
Nino/Ohno/Sho/Aiba: No way!~
Nino: Why are you acting surprised Aiba? We're talking about you. (T__T)
-Aiba closes his eyes- Sho: He's corresponding with Jun!
Jun: Huh?
Ohno: Why did you just tell me to "keep it a secret?" (o__o)
Everyone: EEEEEHHH???

Best I could come up with!
Happy Aiba month! ^^
slsfavanime: sakuaimiyaslsfavanime on 10th December 2011 17:15 (UTC)
Aiba: Matsujun just proposed to me
Nino: (To Jun) Then why were you able to get married in the end? *jealous*
Jun: Becos you dump me! That's why i choose Aiba-chan now
Aiba: Ehh wait...
Sho: No way i thought Nino and Jun is a couple
Jun: (To audience) He he he ....*DoS*
Aiba: *Remembering* I thought i was breaking up with leader, did he mistaken and pass my letter to Jun, and Jun thought that it was from Nino!
Sho: He's corresponding to you leader!
Ohno: .....zzzZZ *snore*....
50178745017874 on 10th December 2011 19:38 (UTC)
here's my try ^^v

Nino: Then why were you able to get married in the end?
Jun: Well,.....(turned silent, looked at Aiba, requesting him to answer)
Sho: No way! No way, will I allow this! (then looked at Aiba intently, demanding for an answer)
Aiba: (closed his eyes and tried to think on how to position his answer)
Sho: He is corresponding...?
Ohno: eh, for real...no wonder you two are acting strange...

this is a cool game!
but im not sure if my dialogue makes sense ^^v
happy aiba month!!!!!
M, the Literary Lemming: Jpop - Arashi - Junba smileliterarylemming on 10th December 2011 21:18 (UTC)
AIBA: Hey, everyone! Meet Mookie!
NINO: Who is Mookie?
AIBA: He's my invisible alien friend! Say hello, Mookie!
MOOKIE: (invisibly) Gumblat!
AIBA: That's invisible alien language for "hello."
JUN: *dumbfounded stare*
AIBA: I'm helping Mookie find his new wife, Mookiana. She's invisible, too.
SHO: Eh?
AIBA: They just got married. Mookiana went to find the photographer to take wedding pictures, but she couldn't find him and got lost.
SHO: That would be because the photographer-
AIBA: -is invisible, too. Yep!
NINO: How does an invisible photographer take a picture of invisible people?
AIBA: *rolling eyes* With an invisible CAMERA, baka.
NINO: You know, I should have expected that answer.
SHO: Yes. Yes you should.
MOOKIE: Mookiana soobie!
AIBA: Oh, right. Guys, Mookie says Mookiana is a big Arashi fan, so it'd be a real treat for her if we helped him find her.
SHO: Well, I guess that's not unreasaonable.
JUN: Sho, how are we supposed to find an invisible alien?
NINO: Speaking of which -- Mookie, how were you able to get married in the end? If you couldn't even see your future wife I mean.
MOOKIE: Umblestoowa!
AIBA: Mookie says it's very complicated and humans wouldn't understand.
NINO: That's fine. We've got an Ohno, and he's practically an alien himself. Ne, Riida?
OHNO: Huh?
NINO: Thank you for tuning in.
SHO: Have you been paying attention to our conversation, Ohchan?
OHNO: Huh? No. I've been talking to Mookiana.
MOOKIANA: *from the balcony above the Shiyagare stage* MOOKIE BOOBOO!
SHO: No way!
OHNO: Mookiana's an invisible alien.
JUN: We KNOW, Riida.
SHO: How exactly have you been talking to Mookiana, Ohchan? You've been sitting there spaced out for the last ten minutes.
OHNO: In my head.
JUN: You've been telepathically communicating with an invisible alien newlywed?
OHNO: Uh-huh.
SHO: Is that safe? It sounds unhygienic.
OHNO: *shrug*
NINO: *leaning heavily on Ohno* Don't go communicating with invisible people, alien or otherwise, without telling me, Ohchan.
OHNO: Kay.
AIBA: Hey, where'd Mookie go?
JUN: Isn't he right there? *gestures to beside Aiba*
AIBA: *giving him a Look* NO, Matssun. Obviously not.
JUN: He's invisible. What's so obvious about an invisible alien disappearing?
AIBA: Well if you don't know...
SHO: He probably went up to the balcony to get Mookiana.
AIBA: But he'll get lost! Oh no.
OHNO: Huh?
NINO: Not you.
JUN: Aiba, what the heck are you doing?
AIBA: *eyes closed* Shh.
SHO: He's corresponding.
SHO: With Mookie.
AIBA: He says he's somewhere that smells like Axe body spray and pineapple.
NINO: He's in Jun's gym bag?
JUN: Shut up.
NINO: Sho, where're you going?
SHO: *over his shoulder* To get Mookie. He's in my gym bag!
NINO: *blinking* ...I should have expected that answer, too.
JUN: You know, Sho has been smelling a lot like a rutting deer lately.
AIBA: And pineapple. Rutting deer and pineapple. Rutting pineapple deer.
OHNO: *smiling* Mmm, pineapple.
NINO: Go back to sleep, Captain.
OHNO: Kay.