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12 March 2011 @ 01:11
#163 - Arashi ni Shiyagare 14  
We are all mourning right now, but that doesn't mean we couldn't have a little bit of happiness, right? So with that thought, I decide to release Arashi ni Shiyagare project earlier than I scheduled. I hope, we all from ANM team hope, that we can help to bring happiness to you all in this mourning day.

And let's pray together for the victims in Japan, or those who are suffering right now, so that they can stay strong and go through this disaster to live a better life.

This post will stay open. This is ANM's way to say our deepest condolence to the victims in Japan.

Arashi ni Shiyagare #014 [2010.08.07]
Aniki Guest: Takahashi Katsumi
MC: Oriental Radio
Encounter the unknown guest: Toda Natsuko

Special Guest: Angelina Jolie

It's time to have a little fun.
That's what leader is saying :)

Brought to you by ANM team

Translator: Kyasha
Editor: katietorresm
Timer: zadkiel1117
Typesetter: harunomasu
Encoder: corlee1289
Uploader: KatoKathy
RAW: go_nin

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New Links for this release here:
MEGA by krissasaur

Remember to pray for the victims in Japan. Even if it's only a simple pray, we already help them in a way that we could never imagine :)
shirupine_juice on 11th March 2011 18:14 (UTC)
thank you for making the day a bit brighter.
lancee_ism: ninolancee_ism on 11th March 2011 18:14 (UTC)
schweeetschweetmisery on 11th March 2011 18:14 (UTC)
thank you anm.
hope everyone in Japan is safe
areej_alwardareej_alward on 11th March 2011 18:15 (UTC)
I really really really apreciate your hard work

Thank you very much

prays for japan's victims :(
shekenbluenyke on 11th March 2011 18:19 (UTC)
indira11394indira11394 on 11th March 2011 18:20 (UTC)
Things has been crazy,,
but thank you for giving me sumthing to brighten my day,,

Thank you~
And I'm so glad that they're all safe..
kurarpiktkurarpikt on 11th March 2011 18:20 (UTC)
Thanks ! We need Bakarashi...
/me is praying for Japan
tippyrosetippyrose on 11th March 2011 18:20 (UTC)
Thanks so much for sharing it today.
Pray for all Arashi fangirls in Japan.
God be with you and protect you all.
angelasypangelasyp on 11th March 2011 18:20 (UTC)
praying hard for japan to overcome this major disaster..

thanks for everything.
shonya chan: sakuraiba lovebunnyrapper on 11th March 2011 18:21 (UTC)
thank you :)
always pray for japan,our country and WORLD ^^
Alylynnks on 11th March 2011 18:22 (UTC)
thank you! :)
azul55azul55 on 11th March 2011 18:24 (UTC)
Thank you!
herpandalove: Sakumiya ~ Fightherpandalove on 11th March 2011 18:24 (UTC)
Thanks <3

Let's pray for Japan together!
suflor: ohnosuflor on 11th March 2011 18:25 (UTC)
thank you for translating
and giving us a littel smile like that day
all of us pray for Japan
Courtney: Arashigiddychan on 11th March 2011 18:25 (UTC)
thank you so much for sharing this to brighten our days... it goes without saying, but all of my thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese people.