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18 August 2019 @ 07:19
Introduction Post - MOVE TO THE SECOND PLACE!  

SPECIAL OFFER from ANM is officially closed by today. This is not because we didn't want you to join us or ban you from watching Arashi. The MODS just don't have time to approve the membership or maintain the community. We can't even release anything for now because of team members going on hiatus. So please be understanding about this.

We will definitely open the membership again. DEFINITELY. We just need time to re-organize ourselves. So do not PMs the MODS or the team members. We can only give you vague answer when we can open the membership because we don't even know about that. Wait for the surprise from us.

And this page is officially closed by today. The maximum comments have been reached. So please GO TO THIS SITE INSTEAD for further information. That's the second home for ANM's membership request page.
Power News: Arashi_iconpower_news on 30th July 2010 13:31 (UTC)
Thanks for the hard work, do u mind if I join the community?
leila84: Shukudai-kunleila84 on 30th July 2010 13:33 (UTC)
I would like to join. Hope you leave my application. Arashi for me the rainbow... after a "arashi". xD
yazurayazura on 30th July 2010 14:37 (UTC)
hiii..i'm yazura, an indonesian arashi fan..
may i join?
thanks before~
May_Be_More: pic#56520516may_be_more on 30th July 2010 14:43 (UTC)
I'm kind of new to the Arashi fandom, so i'd like to join your community to know more about them! I hope you'll accept me! Thank you~!
arashinkipawa on 30th July 2010 15:08 (UTC)
hi! can i join this lj?

sarunokoisarunokoi on 30th July 2010 17:13 (UTC)
Hi~~~! I'm Nao and I just gotta watch arashi~~ They always keep me outta stressing over my life LMAO
ryona_ko on 30th July 2010 17:29 (UTC)
Hello. My name is Ryona. I'm Thai.I want to join your community,may I?
And I'll send you a mail about helping u for timing ne.
Thanks for sharing file to me.
SecretCodeBluesecretcodeblue on 30th July 2010 17:45 (UTC)
hey there!:) can i join this community?:) Arashi love!<3

my name is Camelia and i'm 21 this year! i'm taking law course and going to be in 2nd year this sept!
my favourite members are Sho and Aiba! they're the best!
i'm quite new to Arashi.:)
 Miiu: ARASHIm_ii_u on 30th July 2010 18:05 (UTC)
Hi~ I'm Miiu and I'd like to join your community for subbed Arashi goodness. ♥ Mostly I'm looking for subbed Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes as my Japanese isn't good enough for them yet. There are that much of cross-talking but also subjects that aren't too familiar for me as for now. I can understand pieces from here and there but I'd like to understand more~ Thank you & please!
dear_thursday on 30th July 2010 19:38 (UTC)
Joining community!

I'm dear_thursday (or you can call me Lily) and I'm a new fan to Arashi! I was hoping I could join your community =] Please and thank you!
feddeidafeddeida on 30th July 2010 20:01 (UTC)
Hi ! I would like to join this community, I'm a new fan of Arashi TV Shows (especially VS Arashi <3)
Thank you in advance for your work =)
pitou90pitou90 on 30th July 2010 21:20 (UTC)
Hello! My name is Pitou90, i've just turned 20 and i live in France.
I've been a fan of Arashi since 2007 when i discovered johnny's entertainment. I'm also a fan of other johnny's (especially Kat-tun) and of kpop artist such as Shinee sg wannabe or kara.
I'd be grateful if you let me join this community. Thanks^^
ms_bossladiims_bossladii on 30th July 2010 23:44 (UTC)
hi! i'd like to join the community.

i agree the rule and promise that i will never break any rule issued by the community.

thank you
michangirlmichangirl on 31st July 2010 00:11 (UTC)
Hi there. My name is Michi. Please let me join your community. I got introduced to VS Arashi a few months ago and that show is so funny. The boys are cute too which is a plus. Anyway, let me assure you that whatever I download will be for my personal viewing only. I promise that I will abide by your rules forever and ever and ever...Translating takes alot of work so thank you!
harunomasuharunomasu on 7th August 2010 13:20 (UTC)
Hello :)

Please click the join button on top of the page so that I can add you back. After you do so, please reply at this comment again so that I know it's you.
(no subject) - michangirl on 7th August 2010 15:40 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 7th August 2010 19:16 (UTC) (Expand)
mmgg123456mmgg123456 on 31st July 2010 04:05 (UTC)
Hello! :D I'm still new to the Arashi fandom so i'll like to join this community! I promise to follow all the rules and to never, ever upload your videos and to respect everyone's wishes.
Thank you!