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18 August 2019 @ 07:19
Introduction Post - MOVE TO THE SECOND PLACE!  

SPECIAL OFFER from ANM is officially closed by today. This is not because we didn't want you to join us or ban you from watching Arashi. The MODS just don't have time to approve the membership or maintain the community. We can't even release anything for now because of team members going on hiatus. So please be understanding about this.

We will definitely open the membership again. DEFINITELY. We just need time to re-organize ourselves. So do not PMs the MODS or the team members. We can only give you vague answer when we can open the membership because we don't even know about that. Wait for the surprise from us.

And this page is officially closed by today. The maximum comments have been reached. So please GO TO THIS SITE INSTEAD for further information. That's the second home for ANM's membership request page.
Sandseasandsea on 21st July 2010 05:21 (UTC)
Hello, this is Sandsea! I only found out about Arashi this year (where have I been?!?!) so I'm so happy that there are subbing communities so that I can learn more about Arashi!!! I would love to join your community if that's ok :) Thanks!
DudeOhnoyaoilicious_53 on 21st July 2010 05:22 (UTC)
I wanna joooooin!!!
harunomasuharunomasu on 21st July 2010 06:08 (UTC)
Hello :D

Please click the join button on top of the page. After you do so, reply to this comment so that I know it's you.
(no subject) - yaoilicious_53 on 21st July 2010 06:25 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 21st July 2010 06:30 (UTC) (Expand)
☆ミ K-chanmeikimari on 21st July 2010 05:22 (UTC)
Hi~ I'm Kat. mm....well, I'm not sure what to say for introduction. XD But I'm a huge nino fan~
Lee Syaoranlee109 on 21st July 2010 05:23 (UTC)
Hi, I'm Lee, a 17 years-old fan girl come from Viet Nam. My ichiban is Ohchan. Can I join your community? :)
leunraleunra on 21st July 2010 05:25 (UTC)
Thank you
This means a lot for Arashi fans that don't really understand japanese. Thank you soo much!!!
su_mysu: pic#101262675su_mysu on 21st July 2010 05:26 (UTC)
Hi I'm Linh from Vietnam.
I've just known our Arashichan for less than one year but they actually change my life, bring me happiness and hope.
I'd like to join your community, when I first come here you closed your membership so I was kinda sad but now, I have a chance of being accepted right?
I promise that I'll do nothing wrong to this community, I really appreciate your hard work.
Thanks for reading, hope to recieve good news soon ^^
muchie05 a.k.a Liz: Ayakamuchie05 on 21st July 2010 05:28 (UTC)
Heya ^^
~Muchie desu :D
Happiest to see another group of people subbing Arashi *as we cannot get enough of those cute dorks* :D:D:D
Uhm, i would like to member here, so how do i go about this, just promising that all subbed works of this comm will stay as my personal viewing pleasure only and will surely leave a comment thanking you all for your hard work! ^^
~Oh and did I say I am a Matsujun!Ohno shipper :D:D:D
Thank you and lovely works ^^
T-13t_1_3 on 21st July 2010 05:30 (UTC)
Hii :)
My name is Thérèse, I live in France and I'm a big Arashi fan <3
I really apreciate all your work.

May I join please ?
athena_junathena_jun on 21st July 2010 05:31 (UTC)
Konichiwa, my name is athena, and I come from Vietnam, so may be you don't know my country but in my country there are many fans ò Arashi ^_^ And I am a one of them. my ichiban is Jun, and I love Arashi for 3 years, not so long ne. I want to make friend with everybody who loves Arashi, so I want to join in your coumunity, so...can you accept me? Anyway, thank you so much and I am watting for your reply, hope you approve me ^_^ Love
Seery: dorky shosirigorn on 21st July 2010 05:32 (UTC)
I could have sworn I was already a member of this community.... but I suppose I'll apply now since apparently I'm not!

Thanks for all of your hard work. <3
agnes_yunitaagnes_yunita on 21st July 2010 05:32 (UTC)
Hi, i'm agnes from indonesia...really love Arashi but new in the fandom...hope can join ur community..

koalaxdkoalaxd on 21st July 2010 05:39 (UTC)
hi :)
i hope i can join your community.
thank you!
pockie_chanpockie_chan on 21st July 2010 05:42 (UTC)
I started enjoying Arashi's music and variety shows late last year :]
However I don't update my lj because I never find the motivation to do so...
If that's a problem let me know please X{
thanks <3
harunomasuharunomasu on 21st July 2010 06:09 (UTC)
Hello :D

Please click the join button on top of the page. After you do so, reply to this comment so that I know it's you.
(no subject) - pockie_chan on 21st July 2010 07:22 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 21st July 2010 07:30 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - pockie_chan on 21st July 2010 07:33 (UTC) (Expand)
eskimo1105 on 21st July 2010 05:42 (UTC)
Hi I'm Kayla! I understand the rules and will abide by them!!
I love Arashi soooo pleaseeeee let me join :]
Hazelnutcoffee: junjundazzy_tea on 21st July 2010 05:45 (UTC)
Hi there...I'm Tea. I would like to join this community. Hope you dont mind. Thank you~