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18 August 2019 @ 07:19
Introduction Post - MOVE TO THE SECOND PLACE!  

SPECIAL OFFER from ANM is officially closed by today. This is not because we didn't want you to join us or ban you from watching Arashi. The MODS just don't have time to approve the membership or maintain the community. We can't even release anything for now because of team members going on hiatus. So please be understanding about this.

We will definitely open the membership again. DEFINITELY. We just need time to re-organize ourselves. So do not PMs the MODS or the team members. We can only give you vague answer when we can open the membership because we don't even know about that. Wait for the surprise from us.

And this page is officially closed by today. The maximum comments have been reached. So please GO TO THIS SITE INSTEAD for further information. That's the second home for ANM's membership request page.
nana-chan: arashinanaenam on 22nd February 2010 06:51 (UTC)
hello!! i wanna join this comm.. kindly add me
thank you for all the hard works!! \(^_^)/
Andrea: Arashiiiiandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:14 (UTC)
Hello 8D
Thanks for joining!!
d0wn_l0add0wn_l0ad on 22nd February 2010 15:40 (UTC)
I'm dee from Indonesia...
I'd love to join here...
thank you for your hardwork......
Andreaandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:15 (UTC)
Hi dee ^^
Of course :D
Thanks for joining~~
alcazaalcaza on 22nd February 2010 17:25 (UTC)
Hi ^^ I'm Emma and I will be happy to join your community

Please don't reject me I promise to be gentle and serviable xD

(sorry for my poor english ...)

Andreaandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:16 (UTC)
Hi Emma ^^
Your english is perfect :D
But you should click the Join button please, so I can accept you ^^
yamashoyamasho on 23rd February 2010 05:38 (UTC)
hello this month is my 1 year anniversary as arashi fan
so i'd like to join,please ^_^
Andrea: dorkiesho:Dandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:18 (UTC)
Happy 1st anniversary!!! :D
That's your present 8D (though I would appoved you anyways LOL)
Thanks for joining~~
mai_mumeimai_mumei on 23rd February 2010 07:35 (UTC)
i am maika. i am from the philippines but my work is taking me to places like vietnam, thailand and maybe latin america, in the future. i am a news, arashi, kanjani8 and tegomasu fan. but i started to learn more about arashi starting last 2008.

i respect the wishes of fansubbers of not seeing their work on streaming sites. i will also not sell any of your works.

thanks in advance.
Andrea: yay arashiandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:19 (UTC)
Hi Maika :D
Really sounds like a fun work, I wish I could travel at least frequent LOL

Thanks for joining~~
elaine_lum on 23rd February 2010 10:36 (UTC)
Hey!I am elaine. i would like to join this group! Thanks!
Andrea: Nino purple <3andita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:20 (UTC)
Re: Elaine
Thanks for joining ^^
Sakuraippesakuraippe on 23rd February 2010 17:11 (UTC)
hi^^ I'm Sakuraippe and I hope I could join here^^
Andrea: dorkiesho:Dandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:21 (UTC)
Hi Sakuraippe ^^
Thanks for joining~~
Carol: Arashicowellecs on 24th February 2010 07:08 (UTC)
Hello! I'd love to join your comm. Thanks for subbing!
Andrea: Arashiiiiandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:21 (UTC)
Hallo! :D
Thanks for joining~~
celightdcelightd on 24th February 2010 10:11 (UTC)
hello! =)

i would like to join this community! thanks so much for subbing!! i've left Arashi fandom a bit and jumped into Hey!Say!JUMP so i would like to get back on track with Arashi na~ ^^

but i like all JE groups just that JUMP & Arashi are my top <3
Andreaandita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:22 (UTC)
HSJ! are so cute ^^
Of course you can join, but please click the Join button first :D
(no subject) - celightd on 25th February 2010 06:38 (UTC) (Expand)
nganhacnn178nganhacnn178 on 24th February 2010 10:54 (UTC)
hi, i'm a new fan of Arashi so I really appreciate subbed videos you've been working on. Thank U 4 spreading Arashi love
Andrea: Nino~andita4678xd on 24th February 2010 13:23 (UTC)
Arashi love should be spread everywhere 8D
Thanks for joining~~
kimikoamiyumikimikoamiyumi on 24th February 2010 17:51 (UTC)
hello~ :)
im an arashi fan too <3
i hope i can join this community...
lets spread the 'Arashi' love ne~
arigatou gozaimassu~
ecchanchan4yasu on 25th February 2010 03:12 (UTC)
hi kimiko..
i've already add you here.. welcome to the community.. and let's spread the arashi love together \(^0^)/
thefortysecondthefortysecond on 24th February 2010 19:03 (UTC)
Hi, can I join your community? I'm always looking for new people doing Arashi subtitles :) I also didn't see if you posted rules or not but I never repost or hotlink or stream, so there you go.
ecchan: junlovechan4yasu on 25th February 2010 03:15 (UTC)
of course, but you should click the join button in oder for me to accept you ^-^
(no subject) - thefortysecond on 25th February 2010 08:07 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - chan4yasu on 25th February 2010 09:09 (UTC) (Expand)
Pantherocker: Ni-no Arashipantherocker on 25th February 2010 05:09 (UTC)
Hi! I love Arashi and am currently using their shows as a form of procrastination. Which is bad. But at least they make my headache go away, and work my stomach muscles with laughter. Um... yeah. I look forward to seeing your subs!
ecchan: amnoschan4yasu on 25th February 2010 05:40 (UTC)
hi too.. hey.. it's bad.. but at least it's good if their shows could get rid of your headache XD welcome to ao no michi ^.~
ultimasomeultimasome on 25th February 2010 05:48 (UTC)
Hi, name's Jeny. Why do people always add two "n" instead of one ^^;
yes, its my second time. I'd like to join, onegaishemasu~
ecchanchan4yasu on 27th February 2010 04:42 (UTC)
hi jenny ^^
eh?? so you ever join us?? okay then, we will add you soon ^^
thank you for joining Ao no Michi \(^0^)
god damn these electric sex pantsnicefinalbeam on 25th February 2010 07:29 (UTC)
I somehow missed this sub group in the midst of a lot of new ones, and I'm sad I did! It looks as if you have a great team, and I respect that you trust your members without having to list rules.

I'm Ferin, I'm a huge Arashi fan, and I'm excited to catch up on what you have to offer here.

Thank you!
ecchanchan4yasu on 27th February 2010 04:45 (UTC)
hi ferin.. yeah.. we believe that everyone has already know the rules.. that why we don't list any rules.. we believe on you ^.~
by the way we will add you soon ^^ thank you for joining Ao no Michi \(^0^)