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18 August 2019 @ 07:19
Introduction Post - MOVE TO THE SECOND PLACE!  

SPECIAL OFFER from ANM is officially closed by today. This is not because we didn't want you to join us or ban you from watching Arashi. The MODS just don't have time to approve the membership or maintain the community. We can't even release anything for now because of team members going on hiatus. So please be understanding about this.

We will definitely open the membership again. DEFINITELY. We just need time to re-organize ourselves. So do not PMs the MODS or the team members. We can only give you vague answer when we can open the membership because we don't even know about that. Wait for the surprise from us.

And this page is officially closed by today. The maximum comments have been reached. So please GO TO THIS SITE INSTEAD for further information. That's the second home for ANM's membership request page.
tashiichantashiichan on 29th January 2010 17:57 (UTC)
Hi! :D

Joining your comm for the subbed Saigo no Yakusoku, initially... until I saw that you have MMA episodes and Takujou Kabachi under your projects list. I'm so glad to have found you guys!

I'm looking forward to your subs~
moon_cryztalmoon_cryztal on 29th January 2010 22:46 (UTC)
Hi there! Joyz here. Thank you for creating this community. Hope I can be a part of it. Yoroshiku!^_^
waziwuyawaziwuya on 30th January 2010 01:06 (UTC)
zHi I'm fai....just bump into your community while searching for more arashi goodies... you guys have made us non speaking japanese ppl so happy by putting in efforts in doing this....it is greatly appreciated.... thank you.... and wpould love to be apart of this great adventure
mickeymai on 30th January 2010 02:10 (UTC)
Hi, its Jackie.
So glad you guys are subbing files for us =D Thanks!
Aegisaegistheia on 30th January 2010 06:00 (UTC)

I'm Aegis, and while Arashi is not my first JE fandom, it is right now my top priority :D

Thank you for sharing your hard work! I really appreciate your generosity.

x3me_gurlx3me_gurl on 30th January 2010 06:16 (UTC)
hi I'm joy! I would like to join your community..btw, Nino is my fave but the 5 of them are great. thanks
fannie25 on 30th January 2010 07:54 (UTC)
I'm new to the LJ community which was driven by my love of Arashi. I'm not the greatest at keeping up with blogs etc since i spend all my time watching drama and Arashi Videos. I've been bitten by the arashi bug and am currently trying to catch up with all 10 years worth of their variety shows, specials and music. Thank you very much for considering me to be part of your community.
alchemy_of_yaoi: aibaalchemy_of_yaoi on 30th January 2010 08:24 (UTC)
I'm Alkoi, as how I like to be called online. Though the influx of need to join Arashi comms had grown, it all seems worth it to see the great hard work that the fans put into sharing with so many!
kuripuri on 30th January 2010 10:19 (UTC)
Hey I'm Sarah, I'd like to join the comm obviously (:

Haha I sure do know the standard rules by heart now, I'm grateful to you guys for being more cool and relaxed about it. Saves time from typing out the contract-like comments LOL

Also thanks for the hard-work you guys do to bring these files to us~

kimhyojoon3kimhyojoon3 on 30th January 2010 11:21 (UTC)
Hi, sorry for not clicking the 'join' button maybe my mind is not yet in its good condition at that time coz I've been very busy this week because of school works. haha :))

By the way, I'm kimhyojoon3 I love arashi as much as everyone loves them... hope I can join your community :)
zedin: Sho-chanzedin on 30th January 2010 13:21 (UTC)

I would like to join this community! ^^

I understand japanese on some level, but my friends not, and it's more fun to see doramas and TV shows with friends! ^^

Thanks in advance! ^^
pettie_doggiespettie_doggies on 30th January 2010 15:08 (UTC)
Thank you for creating this and subbing ARASHI show.
Hope I can join your community.^^
makochintomakochin on 30th January 2010 15:21 (UTC)
Hi! I'm Poon. Thanks to translate many many video that make Arashi's (and Massu XD) fan happy <3
Please do your best. I will cheer you ^_^

Would you let me join to this community?
loveablexueyeeloveablexueyee on 30th January 2010 16:05 (UTC)
Hello, my name is Shelly. I'm an arashi fan and I would like to join your community. :D
harunomasu: tegomassharunomasu on 2nd February 2010 13:50 (UTC)
Hello to you too Shelly:D

I need you to click the join button on the top of the page first before I can add you back. After you do so, please reply to this comment again ^^
(no subject) - loveablexueyee on 3rd February 2010 01:22 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - harunomasu on 3rd February 2010 08:58 (UTC) (Expand)
Kimkimkicksbootie on 30th January 2010 17:10 (UTC)
HI! Would love to join this community. =]