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18 August 2019 @ 07:19
Introduction Post - MOVE TO THE SECOND PLACE!  

SPECIAL OFFER from ANM is officially closed by today. This is not because we didn't want you to join us or ban you from watching Arashi. The MODS just don't have time to approve the membership or maintain the community. We can't even release anything for now because of team members going on hiatus. So please be understanding about this.

We will definitely open the membership again. DEFINITELY. We just need time to re-organize ourselves. So do not PMs the MODS or the team members. We can only give you vague answer when we can open the membership because we don't even know about that. Wait for the surprise from us.

And this page is officially closed by today. The maximum comments have been reached. So please GO TO THIS SITE INSTEAD for further information. That's the second home for ANM's membership request page.
saib00gusaib00gu on 22nd October 2009 00:03 (UTC)
Hello, I would like to join please. I've been an Arashi fan since their debut. Although I'm not a true fanatic, Arashi is my favorite JE group. They literally make me happy when I'm at my lowest. As in other LJ communities I've joined, I keep my vow to not tamper with your work and not to be dishonest. I hope to watch your subbed videos. Thank you.
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:35 (UTC)
Of course, all fans are welcome here, whether they be fanatical or casual! We hope you enjoy the subs.
defectivewahhhdefectivewahhh on 22nd October 2009 00:14 (UTC)

I would LOVE to join your community! I've been fangirl-ing arashi ever since I started taking Japanese classes at school and got into the addicting world of dramas. They're just the 5 cutest grown boys I have ever seen. I hope to be able to watch the videos that you worked so hard to sub and I promise to keep all your work to myself and not share with anyone else. Thank youuuu!!
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:36 (UTC)
Well put. ^_^

Welcome to the comm, and have fun!
heart283: SCP ShoTsubaheart283 on 22nd October 2009 02:27 (UTC)
I'm a fan of many Johnny's, including Tackey & Tsubasa (I know...I miss them), Arashi & Kanjani8. I saw this comm on fecundeety via JEIndex, and I'd like to join, please.

Edited at 2009-10-22 02:30 (UTC)
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:38 (UTC)
Sure you can!

Everyone is welcome. We hope you enjoy the subs!
ang_mariaang_maria on 22nd October 2009 04:54 (UTC)
Hi... I'm a big fan of arashi in Indonesia. Can i join?? I understand the rule and terms. Arigato...
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:33 (UTC)
I'd love to add you, but I need you to click the join button first. OK? ^^;
(*≧▽≦)/*''☆ミ;,;*'' ♥diary_109 on 22nd October 2009 05:29 (UTC)

i hope i can be part of this community too! > <

i <3 arashi
especially their himitsu no arashi chan show
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:41 (UTC)
Then welcome to the comm.

We don't sub HnA very often (although we have done so in the past), we tend to focus on VSA at the moment. But I don't think it matters much when it come to Arashi, huh? As long as the five of them are having fun, it's fun to watch right?

Anyway, I'm sure you'll find plenty to enjoy here! ♥
rjh1992 on 22nd October 2009 11:42 (UTC)
Can I join?
amh1988: Naniamh1988 on 22nd October 2009 11:44 (UTC)

You're already a member you goof!
chyu_chyuchyu_chyu on 22nd October 2009 15:36 (UTC)
Hi! I'd like to join because I like Arashi tv shows (specially the mannequin five <3) and my favourite member is Aiba =)
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 22nd October 2009 15:43 (UTC)
Welcome to the comm!
amusexboucheamusexbouche on 22nd October 2009 23:18 (UTC)
Hello, I'm Muse; I'd love to join this community! It looks absolutely lovely.

I hope an add is possible! ♥
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 00:39 (UTC)
Of course!
Welcome to the comm.
aishoaisho on 23rd October 2009 00:23 (UTC)
hello! i'd like to join your comm please! arashi is so much <3 thanks so much for all your hardwork!! =)
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 00:43 (UTC)
Welcome aboard! XD
st_oswald: ninost_oswald on 23rd October 2009 03:06 (UTC)
Hi there! I hope you don't mind if I add you as a friend. I really appreciate the work you're putting into this because I know translation is not an easy task!

Thanks in advance.
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 10:48 (UTC)
Thank you, and welcome!
We hope you enjoy the subs here.
(no subject) - amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 11:03 (UTC) (Expand)
from tomorrow again...yutaya on 23rd October 2009 03:11 (UTC)
Hi! I'm yutaya and I really love Arashi, so I'd love to be a part of the group! I hope that's ok with you!
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 11:04 (UTC)
Arashi fans are always welcome!
Have fun. ^_^
Farrahpaahchan on 23rd October 2009 10:58 (UTC)
Hi there! I would like to join the community. I love Arashi so much esp Ohno. I really enjoy watching VS Arashi.I'm looking forward to all of your sub works. Thank you in advance and yoroshiku onegaishimasu!
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 23rd October 2009 11:07 (UTC)
Welcome to the comm!
fujiwarahikarufujiwarahikaru on 23rd October 2009 16:01 (UTC)
omg! This community is great!! There isnt any rule!! Never know this comm b4!
can i join this community too?! pls accept me :D
oh~ shinjiru koto ga subete? haha..remind me to every little thing - kaori mochida n her arashi club who had made these lines as their themes lol
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 24th October 2009 01:53 (UTC)
Well, we DO have rules, they're just the same rules that pretty much every other comm has, so we trust people to know them already. Anway, we hope you enjoy the subs here!
Ice Queen / Kino-chankino0 on 23rd October 2009 17:41 (UTC)
Hi =D !

I'd like to join please XD ! thanks ...
amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 24th October 2009 01:56 (UTC)
And Welcome!
kashimadakashimada on 23rd October 2009 18:45 (UTC)
I don't know if I'm on your list or not. But can I please still join your community also. Thank you in advance. :P

amh1988: Arashi 2amh1988 on 24th October 2009 01:58 (UTC)
Of course!
Welcome to the comm!