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23 November 2010 @ 18:33
Here are our winners!  
Ari here~ This is the result of the game that she prepared last time :) There are no ranks whatsoever but Juu decided on one person who topped everyone else :)

TOP WINNER - sukyan_5 
And this is what she wrote :)

CM: Introducing the new facial moisturizer "OS Hydro-action" that helps one's skin retain water, and excrete unnecessary amounts for the sexy wet look. Caution: For men age 30 and over.

Here are the names of the other 30 people that has been chosen :)

 For those who would ike to see the original game entry (just like the almighty thefortysecond XP) here it is :)

Now that you know that you are a winner, please email me (Arisa) on member-ai@hotmail.com with your lj name :) I hoped you all had fun with this game~ There will be another one coming for our dear bartender (Ma-kun)'s birthday :)

:: Shinjiru koto ga subete ::: sho - dancejmc_iuqcaj on 23rd November 2010 07:37 (UTC)
congratulations to the winners!.. ~
thefortysecond: Aiba Puppythefortysecond on 23rd November 2010 07:38 (UTC)
:D omedetou winners. Glad you're able to put up something cheerful now, I'd be steaming about this for days...

Can you put a link to the original contest post, so people can see what the contest was about? I couldn't enter so I forgot.
Arisa: aiba ☀ puppyarisa_draconis on 23rd November 2010 08:01 (UTC)
Sure thing dear, but it was only two previous posts that's why I didn't bother to link it XD Let me edit the post though :)
(no subject) - thefortysecond on 23rd November 2010 08:08 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - arisa_draconis on 23rd November 2010 08:15 (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - svetochkarae on 23rd November 2010 11:22 (UTC) (Expand)
lifeloveslaughkittyinabeaker on 23rd November 2010 07:41 (UTC)
YAY! *waves hands* I'm up doing a lab report at 2:30am before going home for the holidays and this is the best present ever!

Especially since my birthday is one day after Riida's! I turn 21 on Saturday, hooray!

As always, thanks for the fan appreciation and your hard work. I don't mind that the Ohno post might be late; I totally understand the situation.
Arisa: stock ☀ toriarisa_draconis on 23rd November 2010 08:03 (UTC)
OLD! Sorry~ At least our captain is older Y/Y?

Well otsukare for your RL work :) I will be emailing you once we have the projects ready :D
kytez: ohnokytez on 23rd November 2010 07:58 (UTC)
grats to the winners♥ \(*w*)/
tippyrosetippyrose on 23rd November 2010 08:04 (UTC)
thanks for having this game.

the top winner's idea is so good lol.
not_home_2nightnot_home_2night on 23rd November 2010 08:08 (UTC)
yay! congrats to all the winners :D
sakis: ohchansakis on 23rd November 2010 08:08 (UTC)
congratulation for the winners.

And sukyan_5: THAT'S REALLY SUPERB!!!
sukyan_5sukyan_5 on 26th November 2010 10:07 (UTC)
Thank you!!! ^__^
Hannanefartari85 on 23rd November 2010 08:47 (UTC)
Congratulations to the winners! ^_^

It was really fun reading all the entries, I'm excited for the next game!
athena_junathena_jun on 23rd November 2010 10:00 (UTC)
ah ^_^ omedetou winner
mazzquemazzque on 23rd November 2010 10:39 (UTC)
u all hv such creative ideasssss...~
newsvsyamapinewsvsyamapi on 23rd November 2010 10:51 (UTC)
YAY ! I'm sooo happy ! that's really great news XD
Thanks a million, I had a terrible week so this raises my tension and makes me super happy ^^
can't wait for the prize

Thanks for all your hardwork ! please keep sharing with us the amazing tv shows even though there are obviously rude people
love you guys ;)
nurizkazunurizkazu on 23rd November 2010 11:27 (UTC)
congratez to all winners!!! ***\(^O^)/***
klasikmasklasikmas on 23rd November 2010 11:41 (UTC)
congratulation to all the winner!!!
Jadeyjade_lil on 23rd November 2010 11:55 (UTC)
bad bad people.. *sigh* curse those people who doesn't know how to freaking understand simple rules.. and wow, congrats to the names above!
sky_rain21sky_rain21 on 23rd November 2010 12:04 (UTC)
woohoo congrats to the winners xDD
and so, I will go and polish my skill in giving comments to picture for our lovely baka next time ~~~