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Hello fellow Arashi fan.

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(We've only been closed for years...)
Anyway. here's how:

Take a quick look look at out rules:

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Got all that?

Sign in with a livejournal account (no twitter, facebook, google+ etc). Then click join, and wait to be added.

*Important note: ao_no_michi is NOT an active subbing group at present, and while that might change in the future, we will not be releasing any new subs at this time.<---How cool is it that I get to edit this bit for now? YAY! thanks to the hard work and generosity of our members, ANM is active again (albeit quietly)

Open for your viewing pleasure

Ao no Michi is opening it’s doors again!

Membership is moderated, but you only need to click to join.

To access our previous releases more easily, there is a helpful list here: ANM Completed Project List
Old entries have been updated with new links where we could. (A massive thanks to Juu for giving me the ability to do so!) Although some files are still missing.

We also have a current back-up of this community hosted at DW, in order to help protect our work here, but subtitle indexes lead to the entries here on LJ.

New members!

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Old members!

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The Arashi Project

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Current active mods: aonomichimod, kazukazu89, amh1988, sushi4ever, winkychan,

What a day for a revival!

....Well, only kind of. harunomasu has kindly given me control of the community here at Ao-no-Michi, and it is my intention to clean up the place a bit.

I have been out of fandom and LJ for quite some time, so please be patient with me while I get used to everything again. winkychan from over at arashiproject has, and will continue to be, a massive to help, having done a great deal of the work of compling a list of ANM subs with fresh links, which I will be working from to get this place working again.

Please note, however, that I am NOT a subber. ANM, as it is now, will not be creating new subs, but will be working to fix broken links and finding lost files, so the hard work of those who created them for this community in the past can be preserved and enjoyed all over again. Membership shall be moderated, as before, although I will probably make a new membership post shortly. In the meantime, if any current members are willing and able to help with this effort, please let me know!

[MOD POST] Saying My Gratitude and Goodbye

I, Juu (or better known as harunomasu@LJ) as ANM's creator and leader, officially step down from leader position of ANM as of today, 2 May 2012. The reason why I choose this is because I've left Arashi fandom quite a while back in February. I'm now engrossed with my new fandom, namely V6, and so I don't have time for Arashi anymore. With this, I think that it would be better also for the whole team if I step down and let the new leader to take my position and lead ANM.

With this post I also want to say my gratitude to all ANM subbing team members who had put up with me until we come this far. You guys are great, I'm sure in the future you will make ANM become a better community.
I also like to say my gratitude to all ANM members, old and new, for supporting ANM since the day I first created this community until today. Please keep on supporting ANM.
If you'd still like to see me around subbing things, though it will be mostly about V6, you can join v6yagers. It has open-membership so you only need to click join button to access the post in the community. It's still empty for now but first release is scheduled today so if you're interested with V6, go and join the community for more releases. I can promise you high quality of subbing like how I did with ANM.
I'll post the winner of fic contest in my next post and also reveals who write what. 

For always supporting me, I say "thank you".