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Recruitment Post 
ANM is searching for helpers to help us celebrate our upcoming 4th anniversary on August 17th. What we need:

1. Japanese-English Translator

2. Chinese-English Translator

3. Editor (know their English very well or first language is English)

If you have the skill and time to help us, even for short period of time, we would appreciate it if you can send us an email to the address below:

with "Recruitment" as subject

Post your question here if there's anything unclear, and I'll answer it. 
06.25.13 (UTC)
I have sent you an email jase_esaj@hotmail.com and if it is proofreading the english then i can do it easily. I have over 18 years of english and have been helping various subbers correcting grammar mostly.

Please feel free to contact me!
09.21.14 (UTC)
hey there. are you still up for the editor position? though it would not be for arashi's shows. i'm searching for someone who can help me with my kanjani subbing project. i'm thinking of re-activing anm by changing it to kanjani subbing place. if you can help then that would be awesome.

would be waiting for your reply.
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